We’ve put together a library of our customers’ most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, simply call us toll free at (800) 899-7009 and one of our Customer Care Representatives will be happy to help you. We are here to answer your calls Monday–Friday: 8am–4:30pm (CST). Please note: Our offices are closed Saturdays, Sundays and all major holidays.

Attention New Registrants

You must be a licensed retailer with a valid state, federal or international sales tax license, or a county/city sales tax license, or a retail business license/FEIN if you live in an area that does not collect state or local taxes to view pricing or purchase products from Hanna’s Handiworks. In order to create a retailer account, we require a copy of this information for our records. Ready to register now? Please begin here.

Common FAQ’s

  • How do I register to shop online?

    You may begin by registering for a free retailer account here. Once we have received your registration information (including a copy of your business license and/or sales tax certificate), you will receive an email confirmation. Until that time, your account will be held in guest status with limited site functionality until your information has been verified and account approved.

  • Why do I need to provide a copy of my state sales tax certificate?

    Hanna's Handiworks, LLC is a wholesale company selling directly to licensed retail businesses that purchase our items for resale. It is the responsibility then, of each retailer who shops with us, to collect and remit the appropriate sales tax on the resale of our items to their governing authority and/or municipality. By law, we are required to maintain a copy of your sales tax identification number for our records.

  • I’m already a Hanna’s Handiworks customer, why do I need to register to shop online?

    Registering online allows you to create and have access to your online account information 24/7. You’ll be able to shop when it’s convenient for you, have access to our online specials, as well browse our digital catalogs. Registering also allows us to keep your customer information up-to-date and acts as a safeguard to ensure we sell only to licensed retail businesses.

  • Why can’t I view your pricing or catalogs online without registering?

    We are a wholesale company and sell only to the licensed retail trade. Registering ensures we’re selling to valid retail customers.

  • Can you please explain ordering in minimum quantities to me?

    While we have no opening order requirements or reorder minimum totals, we do sell in minimum product quantities specified per item. These minimum product quantities are listed on each item’s product page, as well as with the product descriptions in our catalogs. Minimum ordering quantities vary from item to item. For example, with each product listing, you will see numbers like “Buy 2 at $35.00 each” or “6 piece minimum/$9.50 each”—the minimum ordering quantity on those items is 2 or 6 respectively, and you must purchase by those quantities, or in multiples of those quantities if buying in bulk. For example, if an item says, “Buy 6 at $11.50 each” or “6 pc min/$11.50 ea” and you want to order more than 6, you must jump to the next multiple of 6 so in this example, you would order 12, 18, or 24 and so on. We only sell/ship in minimum quantities or multiples of the minimum quantity listed per item.

  • Can you explain your assortment and set pricing structures?

    When an item is sold as an assortment, it means there can be any number of assorted styles featured within that single item number. Typically, anywhere from 2-8 styles may feature within an assortment, but the assortment quantity will vary from item to item. For instance, if an item says, “3 Assorted” and it shows you 3 individual pieces within that item’s photo but there is a minimum purchase quantity of 6 – that means you would get 2 each of those 3 assorted (or styles), for a total of 6 pieces. Or, if it was a 6-piece minimum purchase quantity, but there were only 2 assorted items (i.e. 2 styles), you would get 3 each of those 2 assorted for a total of 6 pieces. Sets are different in that sets are sold with all the pieces bundled together as 1 item, so even if there are 2 or 3 pieces within a “set,” the set pricing is for all the pieces shown. So for example, if you saw an item that is sold as a 2-piece set, that means both pieces (the 2 styles) are included in the set price. If that item is (for example) a 2-set minimum, you would buy and receive 2 complete sets, or 4 featured pieces in total, in this example.

  • Do I get a discount for buying items in bulk?

    Each item with bulk discount pricing is listed per product on our website and in our catalogs. If an item is eligible for a bulk pricing discount, you will see a tiered pricing schedule for said item. If a tiered pricing schedule is not listed with an item, there is no bulk discount available on that particular product.

  • How do I know if a product is still in stock?

    We update our inventory and website product listings daily. We remove any item(s) which have sold out from appearing online as those updates occur. In the event we would NOT have an item(s) you ordered in stock, or not have the desired quantity of said item(s) in stock, we would contact you promptly as your order is being processed.

  • How do I place my order?

    Approved registrants may place orders one of three ways: (1) On our website, (2) Via phone at (800) 899-7009, or (3) By faxing your completed order to us at (816) 373-8165. If ordering by fax, you may click here for a downloadable PDF order form.

  • How does my order ship? When are shipping charges applied?

    Our primary carrier for shipping is FedEx. Shipping charges are applied AFTER we’ve received and processed your order and are calculated on the size and weight of your entire order. Rates are charged at standard FedEx Commercial Ground Rates.

  • Do you offer dropshipping?

    We do not offer dropshipping at this time. You may elect to ship an order to any address you'd like, although we allow only one billing address per account. If you are shipping to multiple addresses regularly, choosing the correct address per order is the buyer's sole responsibility.

  • How can I apply for Net 30 Terms?

    Hanna’s Handiworks offers Net 30 terms to businesses with a favorable credit rating. You must submit a credit application, including references from three companies with whom you do regular Net 30 terms.

    All businesses applying for credit will be subject to approval by our credit reporting agency, Lyon Credit Services. To apply for credit approval, click here to download our Credit Application. You may then fax the completed application to (816) 373-8165, email a PDF copy, or mail it to:

    Hanna’s Handiworks, LLC
    350 Space Center Dr.
    Lee’s Summit, MO 64064

  • How do I pay if I’m approved for Net 30 Terms?

    If you are approved for and buying on Net 30 terms, you must pay with a check or risk incurring a 3% fee for paying with a credit card. Please note: this 3% fee will NOT be applied if you pay with a credit card AT the time of shipment. If you pay with a credit card AFTER shipping charges are billed, you will incur this 3% fee. For a full explanation of our Net 30 terms, click here.

  • What does it mean if my credit card is being “held for approval?”

    If you get a notice that your credit card is being held for approval, this doesn’t automatically indicate there is a problem with your credit card or that your card has not approved—it means that your card has not yet been charged and your order is still being processed.

  • I’m concerned with companies selling my information to 3rd party vendors, marketing firms, etc. Will Hanna’s sell, rent or otherwise solicit any information from me or about me?

    At Hanna’s Handiworks, your privacy is important to us. We guarantee that we will never sell or rent any of our customers’ information, including but not limited to names, business names, phone numbers, email or shipping addresses, or other business information including products purchased or viewed to any outside company or individual other than circumstances required by law. We do not participate in any type of soliciting. For more information, please read our full Privacy Policy here

  • When do your catalogs come out during the year?

    Our primary catalog schedule is approximately as follows:
    Spring Catalog: October
    Christmas/Fall Catalog(s): Mid-March and August
    Collegiate: July

  • How do I join your wholesale email list to stay updated on exclusive offers?

    Text hannashandiworks to 22828 to get started. *message and data rates may apply